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Interior Design

Maximize your
Potential with a
energetic renovation

Door directions determine your fortune, furniture placement affects function, items are sacred and hold metaphorical power. Architecture plans affect chi' flow. 

I see spaces like an archaeological excavation. I grid spaces into 9 lifestyle sectors; LOVE, WEALTH, TRAVEL, HEALTH, FAMILY, REPUTATION, FERTILITY, SKILLS, and CAREER. By reviewing room designation, architecture, furniture, and items are organized in these specific sectors allows me to share with clients how their environment is shaping their reality.


Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and celebrities have trusted ShuiServices to help create and navigate periods of change while fine tuning their efficiency & flow.

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Modern Home

"After I got shui'd I found my space to be much more inviting to my work, the benefits have been intrinsic and invaluable and I look forward to learning more about this practice." 

Alejandro Chavarria,
Founder of Epsilon Venture Group

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