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Architecture Plans

“Thank you for review the architecture plans for the home my husband and I are building. Your insight into how the pool was in the South and how to re-designate rooms was definitely eye opening!”

Paradise Valley Home Owner - Arizona

Screen Shot 2024-03-17 at 5.34.09 PM.png

When your designing your dream home or business consult with ShuiService as an extra set of eyes as the architecture plans come to fruition. It is always easier to shift around features during the design stages rather than post construction.



Gridding Your Floorplan

Once you provide Alannah your floor plan she will grid the Heavens Sequence grid and review your layout. This will allow you to see which sections of your space align to  the Bagua Map; Love, Wealth, Career, Helpful People, Travel, Family, Health, Reputation, and Creativity. 

Power Hour

$2,220.00 CAD

Alannah will review your floor plan and grid it to the Feng Shui Map. She will provide critical feedback on the architecture plans on what needs to shift for optimal chi' flow.

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