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It's a buddhaful life

WELCOME to an era of transcendence, a time of spiritual evolution. Where life will never be the same again.


Entrepreneurs, Moguls, Professionals, Producers and Directors have trusted me to help them navigate periods of change, provide clarity and guidance as they have invested in utilizing Feng Shui for all their space needs. 

Those who desire Feng Shui are either...

  • Buying and Selling Real Estate

  • Reviewing/Designing Architecture Plans

  • Revamping Commercial Spaces

  • Assessing Corporate Offices

  • Analyzing Residential Space

I have been practicing Feng Shui for over 8 years and am excited to support you on your Feng Shui journey


Ways To Explore Feng Shui



Private Coaching Includes Online and In Person Mentorship. 



Purchase Wild Grown Sage, Heavens Grid, Poetry Books, and more.



Online Programs Include Both Group Sessions and Independent Study.

House in the Countryside
Alannah is not just a guide, but a beacon of light. Over the last 10 years she has guided me through accessible and practical feng shui practices to provide balance and healing in both my personal and professional spheres. If you are looking for a nurturing and empowering force to guide you through your most powerful energy work, look no further than Alannah. 

Kimberly HantonIT Project Manager

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Feng Shui

The Ways Of Wind And Water.

Early China was led by Shaman Kings who knew the ways of Wind & Water. These Shaman Kings mathematically broke down the yin and yang into 8 trigrams which became known as Heaven Sequence. The Heaven Sequence is ancient symbols (trigrams) aligned with the cardinal directions to make up the Feng Shui Bagua Map. 

Even though Feng Shui has made a massive comeback, showcased in magazines, podcasts, and reality t.v shows. Not all Feng Shui is created equal. Majority of North American Feng Shui Practitioners practice BTB Feng Shui which is a one size fits all where there is no compass or use of the Heaven Sequence, established in the 80's and is a cookie cutter practice.

While studying my undergrad in Archaeology I found myself at steps of a hidden Tao Holy House and had the affinity to be initiated by a Tao Master and became a Tao Kin (priestess). I am grounded in withholding the ancient principles of Classical Feng Shui. The traditions of the ancient past are honoured and a compass is always used. Compass was created for the purpose of Feng Shui. I even include Tao Prayers in my Feng Shui practice which have been passed down from the time of Confucius and Lao Tzu.

Shui & Stars podcast

Feng Shui Tips for Upcoming Astrological Transits

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