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Interior Design

Residential spaces

Home is the place you come to for peace and refuge. Home is the place you celebrate and also grieve in.  Our homes care for us so let's care for them to.


North Vancouver

I am so in love with the changes and the spaciousness and the sacredness you do deftly guided and cultivated yesterday! It was a deep, profound and beautiful gift, your presence, your support, your helpful hands, heart and head all together here with me in the process of becoming!!! Wow, I feel so blessed and truly touched.




Gridding Your Floorplan

Once you provide Alannah your floor plan she will grid the Heavens Sequence grid to your space. This will allow you to see which sections of your home align to the sectors of the Bagua Map; Love, Wealth, Career, Helpful People, Travel, Family, Health, Reputation, and Creativity. 


Voxer Support

Through a messaging app you have direct access to Alannah (during business hours) to inquire whenever you want regarding shifting up your space. send videos, pictures and Alannah can help you in real time make the necessary changes to your space!

Urban Home with Plants

Online prices


Power Hour

$2,220.00 CAD

Alannah will review your floor plan and grid it to the Feng Shui Map while providing critical feedback.

1 wk of Voxer support!


1 Month

$7,780 CAD

A weekly session for 4 weeks, providing further detail on making Feng Shui shifts to your space, 

& 4 wks of Voxer support!


In Person Session

Serious Inquiries Only

A deep dive into your space with 11 sessions spaced out to your desired time schedule.
Voxer support!

In Person



Heaven's Sequence 

Classical Feng Shui breaks down the the yin and the yang mathematically into 8 trigrams and aligns them to cardinal directions. This is the Heavens Sequence grid. Alannah provides a small black pouch which holds the trigram for each cardinal direction. T 


Door Fortunes

Each person Feng Shui Astrology aligns them to certain cardinal directions. You are informed if you are in harmony or discord with each cardinal direction. If you are in discord with a specific cardinal direction, you are given specific colours to utilize. 


Ancient Prayer, Smudging, Fire Burn

Bring in the ancients with a Tao Prayer. Alannah smudges your space with sage she harvests from the wild and dries it herself. A fire ceremony is also conducted to powerfully cleanse stuck and stagnant energy and for you to meditate on things in your life you wish to shift. 


Re- Arranging Furniture & De - Cluttering

Alannah knows what furniture needs to move immediately. There is no time like the present to shift your space. She then meditates after your consultation and provides more changes. 



In Person Consultation

Prices Vary depending on size & location

Serious Inquiries Only

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